Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My new MISI shop!

After a year of card making hobby, I have finally opened my first online shop to sell some of my handmade cards. I am a little bit nervous about this and feel like taking a baby step.

This any occasion flower card has just been completed this morning. I have this flower topper ready in the drawer for quite a while now. It has finally been used.

The topper is made up by three layers of paper flower die cut, a plastic purple flower button is added to the middle. A blue blank card is used here with a banner added on the top of the card and read LOVE. The banner is embelished with two mini shiny butterflies.

I am surprised with the ultimate effect on this completed card. What do you think about my crafty fingers?

I would love to hear and share your comments.


  1. love the flower in the centre ....

  2. very nice... all the best with yr online shop there!!!